"I'm totally committed to a pleasant
shopping & buying experience for you" 
Here's why ....
I know 1st hand - the average "car dealer" experience is less than pleasant! 
- 7 years ago I was a corporate accountant. After an extremely unpleasant, high pressure "dealership" encounter while vehicle shopping for my family, I had a vision.The vision was a relaxed, go at my own pace, no pressure car shopping and buying experience. An experience that allowed me all the assistance I desired without a salesperson beating me up with unwanted pressure.
At the time, the only thing I knew about the car business was - the "typical car dealer" experience was very unpleasant!
After a lot of soul searching, a bit of arguing with my wife and a deep investigation of the car business, I committed my word and family to building a better "car dealership" experience.
I came at this with a fresh business model built from the buyers point of view
The plan was simple - Customer satisfaction is always goal #1.
It's an easy, relaxed, shop at your pace buying experience.
With over 750 vehicles delivered, the many 5 star reviews confirm the non-aggressive approach makes a pleasant shopping experience.
See how we do it different for yourself! Thanks for considering me in your shopping! I pledge to be the best value in your search for the perfect vehicle. 
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