Pro's & Con's of Buying or Selling vehicles at an auction

Learn the Secrets car dealers don't want you to know

 How to get the most for your now car and

pay the least for your new or new to you car

in a relaxed, fun & transparent solution

Live Auction vs Online Auction vs Hybrid Auction

Live Auctions -


- This is the fastest way to buy or sell

- Cash buyers can get a fantastic deal here


- Most people have never been to a real deal LIVE action,

- They're intimidating if you don't know what's going on.

- You have to make fast decisions.

- Inspection times are short

- No financing

- All sales under the hammer are final & As-Is

- Most auto auctions don't let the public in


Online Auctions - These are fantastic resources

Pro -

- A more civilized timeframe , typically 7-10 days to make a decision

- Plenty of time to make financing arrangements.

- There's a wide variety to choose from

Con -

- Still have to do financing 3rd party - Connecting the dots can get complcated

- Your dealing with someone you don't know - Trusting strangers can be hard

-Typically no warranties

-The seller takes pictures and writes a description 

The Hybrid Auction - This is where it get's interesting

Pro -

- A hybrid auction is licensed, bonded and insured

- They have a real brick and mortar storefront

- Real people to help you with the whole process

- Access to 1000's of vehicles and immediate offers

- They take the pictures and video, therefore actually see the car.

- They write a truthful, honest description

- They do the marketing, advertising and client interaction

- Offers are guaranteed

- Choose how fast or slow you you want the deal to go

- Financing and warranties are available in house

- A totally done for you service that is fair to both buyers and sellers

Con - I can't think of a single downside

We like the hybrid option.

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